Quantitative Marine Ecology Lab


We publish most of our work in both preprint journals and peer-reviewed journals. Where possible, we have also included links to data and code used in each paper. Please reach out if you have any questions or thoughts on our work.

In the pipeline (preprint and/or in review)

Emily Beasley, Natalia Aristizabal, Erika Bueno, Easton R. White. Spatially explicit models predict coffee rust spread in fragmented landscapes. bioRxiv preprints. In review.

Christine A. Ward-Paige, Easton R. White, Elizabeth MP Madin, and 25 others. A framework for mapping and monitoring human-ocean interactions in near real-time during COVID-19 and beyond. OSF Preprints. In review at Marine Policy.

Merrill Baker-Medard, Katherine Concannon, Courtney Gantt, Sierra Moen, Easton R. White. Socialscape Ecology: Integrating social factors into spatially-explicit marine conservation planning. In review. Preprint

Benjamin M. Althouse, Brendan Wallace, Brendan Case, Samuel V. Scarpino, Andrew M. Berdahl, Easton R. White, and Laurent Hebert-Dufresne. The unintended consequences of inconsistent pandemic control policies. medRxiv preprints. In revision.

White, Easton R., Kalle Parvinen, and Ulf Dieckmann. Environmental variability and phenology evolution: impacts of climate change and spring onset on reproductive timing in a small mammal. PeerJ Preprints. In revision at Theoretical Ecology.



Easton R. White, Merrill Baker-Médard, Valeriia Vakhitova, Samantha Farquhar, Tendro Tondrasoa Ramaharitra
Ocean & Coastal Management  ·  01 Feb 2022


Merrill Baker-Médard, Courtney Gantt, Easton R. White
Environmental Science & Policy  ·  01 Oct 2021
Lisa B. Whitenack, Brady L. Mickley, Julia Saltzman, Stephen M. Kajiura, Catherine C. Macdonald, David S. Shiffman
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory  ·  18 Aug 2021
Christie A. Bahlai, Easton R. White, Julia D. Perrone, Sarah Cusser, Kaitlin Stack Whitney
Ecological Informatics  ·  01 May 2021
Joshua S. Stoll, Hannah L. Harrison, Emily De Sousa, Debra Callaway, Melissa Collier, Kelly Harrell, Buck Jones, Jordyn Kastlunger, Emma Kramer, Steve Kurian, M. Alan Lovewell, Sonia Strobel, Tracy Sylvester, Brett Tolley, Andrea Tomlinson, Easton R. White, Talia Young, Philip A. Loring
Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems  ·  31 Mar 2021
Halley E. Froehlich, Rebecca R. Gentry, Sarah E. Lester, Richard S. Cottrell, Gavin Fay, Trevor A. Branch, Jessica A. Gephart, Easton R. White, Julia K. Baum
Marine Policy  ·  01 Feb 2021
Easton R. White, Christie A. Bahlai
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution  ·  20 Jan 2021


Easton R. White, Alan Hastings
Ecological Complexity  ·  01 Dec 2020
Easton R. White, Halley E. Froehlich, Jessica A. Gephart, Richard S. Cottrell, Trevor A. Branch, Rahul Agrawal Bejarano, Julia K. Baum
Fish and Fisheries  ·  23 Nov 2020
Easton R. White, Laurent Hébert-Dufresne
PLOS ONE  ·  13 Oct 2020


Easton R. White, Kyle Cox, Brett A. Melbourne, Alan Hastings
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences  ·  12 Nov 2019
Roberto C. Rodríguez-Caro, Thorsten Wiegand, Easton R. White, Ana Sanz-Aguilar, Andrés Giménez, Eva Graciá, Koen J. van Benthem, José D. Anadón
Biological Conservation  ·  01 Sep 2019
Auriel M.V. Fournier, Easton R. White, Stephen B. Heard
Conservation Biology  ·  03 Jul 2019



Easton R. White, Mark C. Myers, Joanna Mills Flemming, Julia K. Baum
Conservation Biology  ·  01 Aug 2015


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Marine Ecology Progress Series  ·  06 Nov 2014
James P.W. Robinson, Easton R. White, Logan D. Wiwchar, Danielle C. Claar, Justin P. Suraci, Julia K. Baum
Marine Policy  ·  01 Sep 2014
J. Senko, E. R. White, S. S. Heppell, L. R. Gerber
Animal Conservation  ·  01 Feb 2014
Easton R White, John D Nagy, Samuel H Gruber
Biology Direct  ·  01 Jan 2014