Quantitative Marine Ecology Lab

Quantitative tools to address ocean challenges

The Quantitative Marine Ecology lab at the University of New Hampshire is a team of scientists combining field observations with mathematical and statistical tools to address the most pressing issues in the oceans. We address questions related to population ecology, socio-ecological systems, species monitoring, fisheries, and sustainable seafood. A common thread throughout our work is the role of environmental variability, particularly rare events like heatwaves or global pandemics. We currently conduct research in Madagascar, the Eastern Tropical Pacific, and New Hampshire.


Our Research

We strive to make our work accessible and freely available to other scientists, decision makers, and the general public. Open and reproducible science is a key part of the lab culture.

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Our Team

We are a team of scientists that address both basic and applied questions in marine systems. We strive to build an inclusive environment in order to foster a more diverse, equitable, and productive scientific workforce.

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