Quantitative Marine Ecology Lab


I (Easton White) view teaching as a highly scientific enterprise. I read literature on pedagogy and form hypotheses about teaching, conduct experiments in the classroom to test these hypotheses, examine the results, and adjust my teaching approach accordingly. In my teaching, I use a mix of active learning techniques (e.g. flipped classes, think-pair-share, Jigsaws) in line with evidence-based pedagogy. I believe it is important for students to work on important, real-life case studies throughout the curriculum. In each of my courses, I teach more than only the specific course content. I also teach transferable skills, connections to other disciplines, and the interaction between science and culture, especially related to systemic racism and sexism.

I currently teach two courses at UNH (materials and website are in the works!):

Data Science with R for the Life Sciences (BIOL 706/806)

Introductory Biology: Evolution, Biodiversity, and Ecology (BIOL 412)

Taught every Fall semester