Quantitative Marine Ecology Lab

Miguel Gomez

PhD Student


Miguel de Jesús Gómez García (he/him/his) was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. He is a marine ecologist and data analyst interested in the use of statistical and computational tools for the understanding and conservation of marine endangered species.

He earned his bachelors in Marine Biology from the University of Guadalajara, (CUCSUR) and a Master’s degree in Marine Resource Management from CIBNOR in La Paz. Prior to his enrolment to the lab, Miguel volunteered with several marine conservation NGOs in México such as the Manta Trust and Pelagios Kakunjá. These experiences lead him to complete his master’s degree in 2020 with a thesis about the behavioral patterns of the giant manta Mobula birostris and its relation to the interaction with divers. After that, Miguel worked as a data manager and analyst at Pelagios Kakunjá, a marine conservation NGO working for the protection of sharks and rays in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. He will continue expanding his knowledge about quantitative ecology as a Fulbright scholar and PhD student at UNH and the Quantitative Marine Ecology Lab.

His interests outside of science include snorkeling, SCUBA diving and also relaxing with movies, videogames, and tabletop games.