Quantitative Marine Ecology Lab

Melanie Carolan

Undergraduate researcher

Melanie Carolan (she/her/hers) is a junior at Vassar College pursuing a degree in Earth science with a minor in mathematics. This summer, she will be serving as the Fisheries Science Intern at the Shoals Marine Laboratory. Melanie has a background in mathematics, science, education, and studio arts. Her interests include science education, marine life, natural disasters, mathematics, and humanity’s use of natural resources. In her most recent research roles, she prepared and printed 3D models of foraminifera for educational use and studied sediment cores from Shaver Pond, NY. Melanie plans to attend graduate school after graduating from Vassar College. Having grown up in New Hampshire, Melanie enjoys swimming, kayaking, and exploring the lakes and coasts of New England. You can also find her playing harp in her free time.

This summer, Melanie will serve as a QMEL intern for the fisheries project out at Shoals Marine Lab.