Quantitative Marine Ecology Lab

Lauren Mcdowell

Undergraduate Researcher

Lauren McDowell (she/her/hers) is a senior at the University of New Hampshire pursuing a major in Marine, Estuarine, and Freshwater Biology with a dual major in Sustainability. She is advised by Easton White for her Honors Thesis where she will continue her NOAA Ernest F. Hollings internship analyzing vessel incident data between Southern Resident and Biggs (Transient) killer whales. This will help managers and regulators better understand the effect vessel regulations are having on both ecotypes of killer whale. She is hoping to learn more about linear regressions and R studio statistical modeling.

Lauren also has experience studying abroad in the Caribbean where she conducted and performed remote fieldwork for a Lionfish-directed research project. She also enjoys acoustics, marine policy, and the interactions between humans and the natural environment. In her free time, Lauren enjoys being outside diving, hiking, hammocking, and spending time with her dogs.