Quantitative Marine Ecology Lab

Katie Perry



Katie Perry is a Project Research Specialist at the Coastal Response Research Center (CRRC), a partnership between the University of New Hampshire (UNH) and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). She coordinates regional workshops and tabletop exercises that encourage strategic partnerships with federal, state, local and industry stakeholders to advance coastal resiliency efforts such as disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. She also conducts research and evaluation projects of oil spill and disaster response technologies. Prior to joining CRRC, Katie worked at a New Hampshire based environmental consulting firm focusing on environmental mitigation, remediation, and regulatory compliance. She has a bachelor’s degree in Marine Sciences from the University of New England, Maine where she conducted research on sustainable seafood systems, specifically looking at bivalve aquaculture in the Gulf of Maine. Additionally, Katie served as the Bioregional Fellow for the Sustainable Ecological Aquaculture Network with the University of Maine where she assisted in evaluating the potential of aquaculture in Saco Bay, Maine by collaborating with an interdisciplinary group of stakeholders. In the lab, Katie worked on how natural disasters, such as harmful algal blooms, influence regionally important seafood industries in New England.