Quantitative Marine Ecology Lab

Julia Saltzman

Graduate Student


Julia Saltzman (she/her/hers) is an interdisciplinary marine conservation biologist interested in using quantitative tools and field observations to improve marine conservation. Julia finished her MS degree in the lab at UNH in November 2022. Julia is now a PhD student at Florida State University. Julia’s research focuses on the environmental influences on planktivorous elasmobranchs (manta rays, whale sharks, and mobula rays) in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. Julia graduated from the University of Miami in 2021 with her bachelor’s in marine science, biology, and ecosystem science and policy. Most recently, Julia worked under Dr. Catherine Macdonald at Field School conducting research on Atlantic tarpon. Julia is passionate about education and outreach and is currently working with Terranaut Club, where she helps to bring girls and underrepresented genders to the forefront of exciting, hands-on, immersive experiences in science and nature. Julia also works closely with Laurel School, an all-girls school in Ohio, where she serves as a mentor for high school students in their capstone program. Julia can also be found giving presentations about sharks and ocean conservation to school age children, or anyone who she can get to listen! Julia spends most of her free time hanging out with her dog Jasper!