Quantitative Marine Ecology Lab

2022 PhD opening in quantitative marine ecology

The Quantitative Marine Ecology Lab (QMEL) at the University of New Hampshire is recruiting a PhD student interested in using mathematical modeling or statistical tools to address issues related to the ocean. This work could involve metapopulation modeling, sustainable seafood, and/or the role of extreme events in marine systems.

All lab members must be:

  • Decent human beings (we don’t work with jerks)
  • Interested in marine systems and using quantitative tools (e.g., mathematical models, statistics, R)
  • Wanting to change the world

Members of the lab are strongly committed to anti-racist practices, real diversity and inclusion efforts, and moving science beyond the ivory tower.

Please go to https://quantmarineecolab.github.io/join/ for more information on the lab and how to apply.

The lab is run by Professor Easton White. The lab is comprised of a team of scientists combining field observations with mathematical and statistical tools to address the most pressing issues in the oceans. We address questions related to population ecology, socio-ecological systems, species monitoring, fisheries, and sustainable seafood. A common thread throughout our work is the role of environmental variability, particularly rare events like heatwaves or global pandemics.