Quantitative Marine Ecology Lab

2021 Inaugural Lab Retreat

With the semester underway, we took Friday afternoon to meet as a lab for the first of many annual retreats. It was the first time where everyone in the lab was together as Wilton Burns was in town for the week from North Carolina. We spent the afternoon at Jackson Estuarine Laboratory. It was a perfect sunny and clear day to be outside. The setting was a perfect venue for stepping back from our day-to-day work and reflecting on our core values, how we do science, diversity and inclusion, and more.

First team photo

In the evening, we headed over to my house for dinner. We enjoyed some grilled food on the porch before heading inside for one of the lab’s favorite games, Charty Party. Overall, I think the retreat was a great success. We were able to talk about some big issues, but also get to know each other a bit better.