Quantitative Marine Ecology Lab

Easton joins CoastWise group for workshop at Shoals

Easton is part of a new NOAA-funded CoastWise program. New Hampshire CoastWise is designed to forge connections between students, researchers, practitioners, and decision-makers around the state to build a more resilient and sustainable future. Throughout the year, CoastWise participants come together to attend workshops and spend time in the field – learning about coastal issues, building a repertoire of skills, networking with peers and partners, and gaining first-hand knowledge of and connections with the stakeholders and communities across the state.

Unloading from the Kingsbury onto Appledore Island

As a part of the program, Easton joined the rest of the cohort for a workshop on Appledore Island at UNH’s Shoals Marine Laboratory. The laboratory hosts students and researchers throughout the summer on a variety of marine science topics.

The purpose of the workshop was to connect members of the CoastWise cohort and to dive into a number of issues in coastal New Hampshire. We spent three days exploring sustainability efforts on the island, discussing New Hampshire natural resources, and building connections within the group. The group benefited greatly from the inclusion of folks from across New Hampshire. This included faculty, students, resource managers, environmental consultants, and members of the Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook-Abenaki People.