Quantitative Marine Ecology Lab



2021 Inaugural Lab Retreat

With the semester underway, we took Friday afternoon to meet as a lab for the first of many annual retreats. It was the first time where everyone in the lab was together as Wilton Burns was in town for the week from North Carolina. We spent the afternoon at Jackson Estuarine Laboratory. It was a perfect sunny and clear day to be outside. The setting was a perfect venue for stepping back from our day-to-day work and reflecting on our core values, how we do science, diversity and inclusion, and...

UNH Fall 2021 semester begins!

The Fall 2021 semester at the University of New Hampshire starts today! It will be the first full semester for the lab at UNH. Easton will be teaching both introductory biology (BIOL 412) for undergraduates and a new Data Science with R course for graduate students. The lab is growing with three graduate students starting this semester. You can read more about their work on the Team page. Fingers crossed for a healthy and safe Fall semester given we are still battling COVID-19!

Shoals Shark Biology and Conservation

Shark Biology and Conservation at Shoals Marine Lab Last month, I was lucky enough to spend two weeks at Shoals Marine Lab. Shoals is a research station which is centered around undergraduate education and is run collabratively by University of New Hampshire and Cornell University. I was the teaching assistant for their Shark Biology and Conservation course. This was awesome, because not only was I able to talk about my favorite thing (sharks) all day- but it also solidified that I do in fac...

Easton joins CoastWise group for workshop at Shoals

Easton is part of a new NOAA-funded CoastWise program. New Hampshire CoastWise is designed to forge connections between students, researchers, practitioners, and decision-makers around the state to build a more resilient and sustainable future. Throughout the year, CoastWise participants come together to attend workshops and spend time in the field – learning about coastal issues, building a repertoire of skills, networking with peers and partners, and gaining first-hand knowledge of and conn...

New Paper - An algorithm for quantifying and characterizing misleading trajectories in ecological processes

We have a new paper out today that builds on some of my past work on species monitoring. Bahlai, C.A., White, E.R., Perrone, J.D., Cusser, S. and Whitney, K.S., 2021. The Broken Window: An algorithm for quantifying and characterizing misleading trajectories in ecological processes. Ecological Informatics, p.101336. Imagine a short time series of three years for chipmunk monitoring on campus. Over those three years, there is a decline in the number of chipmunk observed. Is this concerning? O...

POSITION FILLED - Recruiting a masters student for Fall 2021

We are recruiting a M.S. student (to start Fall 2021) to work on one of three possible questions: 1) small scale fisheries management, 2) the role of extreme events in ecological systems, or 3) the effect of COVID-19 on sustainable seafood. You can find more information on the position here.

Julia Saltzman joins the lab!

I am thrilled to announce Julia Saltzman has joined the lab as a graduate student! Julia graduated from the University of Miami in 2021 with her bachelor’s in marine science, biology, and ecosystem science and policy. Her research at UNH will focus on socio-ecological questions in small-scale tropical fisheries and species monitoring. You can read more about Julia and her work here. Welcome Julia!

Moving to New Hampshire!

We are moving to New Hampshire! After two wonderful years at the University of Vermont, I have officially accepted, and started, a tenure track faculty position in the biology department at the University of New Hampshire. It is a perfect institution and location for my research. Emily and I will be moving there sometime this summer.


New Paper - The effect of COVID-19 on US seafood and fisheries

We have a new paper out today that has been receiving lots of press coverage: White, Easton R., Halley Froehlich, Jessica A. Gephart, Richard S. Cottrell, Trevor Branch, Rahul Agrawal Bejarano, Julia Baum. 2021. Early effects of COVID-19 on US fisheries and seafood consumption. Fish and Fisheries. In the top 1% Altmetric scores of all articles ever tracked Picked up by over 200 news outlets Referenced in a US Congressional Report